Miss Kay

Kitchen Director

Marla Kay Birch Townsend, as know as Miss Kay, has been a member of the Father Woody’s team for 10 years, currently serving as Kitchen Director. Miss Kay was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but has been a resident of Denver since 1987. She has been active in the kitchen since she was 10 years old, often preparing meals for her siblings after her mother taught her how to cook. Her family has been in the restaurant industry for many years and she herself has worked in several kitchens, both big and small, over the span of her career. Guests, volunteers, and visitors to Father Woody’s are constantly complimenting Miss Kay on her meals, as well as her bubbly personality and genuine compassion for the people she serves. When she is not working at Father Woody’s, Miss Kay enjoys dancing and spending time with her family, specifically her seven grandchildren.

303-607-0855 ext.102  |  kitchen@thoh.org