serving denver

Making A Difference For Those In Need

7200 Meals

Serving 2 hot meals a day and take away bags Mon – Fri. Sat & Sun meal is provided as staffing & volunteers allow.

1240 Showers

Private showers provided daily on a first come first serve bases and for emergency needs. 6 newly renovated shower rooms.

60 Laundry

Full service drop-off laundry is provided Monday-Friday. Clothing is dropped off and picked back up within 48-72 hours.

Mail & Documents

Haven of Hope is capable of receiving mail for individuals and housing important personal documents

Clothing Pantry

The clothing pantry provides a relaxed “shopping” experience and is stocked with essential items including warm layers and hygiene.

Fresh Tracks

Equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to attain sustainable employment while addressing physical and spiritual needs.


haven of hope

We Are Here To Serve, Not To Judge.

Low Barrier Shelter no prequalification for services. We serve anyone in need.

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what people are saying

I am homeless, although recently and I hope not for long. There are some places out here that are willing to help, and some that are out to do whatever they can to make sure you make it through the day. Whether that is food, clothing, a hot shower, maybe something as simple as a book to read or just to get out of the cold. I’ve been to a few, and some you just don’t feel they really care what happens to you – the individual – or if you ever make it out of the mess you are in. I made a mistake, which is why I am where I am and I’m the only one that can fix it, but everyone needs help at some point in time. I found Haven of Hope, or it found me, I feel comfortable going there and think I’m a little better for it. Haven of Hope is a place you can go if you are just down on your luck or are homeless, they will help. If you need them they are there to help, they have definitely helped me. If you’re in the position, I’m sure they could use a donation.

Trent E.

what people are saying

So this place, Haven of Hope is literally the best. Food is great; amazing food. I have been a gourmet cook for years and let me tell you, that lady can cook. It felt like a down homey small diner. I absolutely love all of the friendly staff. Haven of Hope takes care of its own in every way. That is amazing and stupendous. I know I keep saying amazing but you guys should see the grin on my face right now. Ear to ear…. Ear to ear! Keep doing what you guys are doing.

Jonathan K.

what people are saying

I’ve been in Denver for about 6 weeks and have been at St. Francis Center. There is really no comparison between there and Haven of Hope. Haven of Hope is far & away a million times better!! The staff is friendly and helpful, the food was delicious, the restrooms & showers were clean. I’m blown away, this place is great!! Thank you St. Francis for being so lame that I can truly appreciate Haven of Hope!!! I will be back & eventually did want to volunteer and help out to re pay the favor. AWESOME!

Pat F.

what people are saying

Your food here is the bomb (good, good, good).
You have excellent staff & programs
Thanks a bunch for all the support & help

Jason P.

what people are saying

The staff is truly kind, compassionate and loves their work!! They offer many helpful services which without, many people would suffer more. A community resource every city should have; you leave feeling helped and better equipped to face the day.
God bless you ALL! & Thank You!!

Chris M.